Literally the only real reason anyone cares about anything blockchain-related is because they think if they speculate, it'll make them rich. There's literally no other reason. And they're willing to risk the future of this world to become rich off of pure speculation. Ugh.

no one actually gives a shit about the NFT art. They just think that it might gain value and make them rich someday. Or they have too much money and they think it's cute.

artists deserve to get rich! I fully support this! But this isn't really what NFTs are about. They're not for the artists. They're for the speculators, and the artists are being suckered in (and even exploited through stolen art) into a pyramid scheme where only the rich win.


@zkat I agree that today most people who are interested in do so for the purpose of speculation or investment. However, Bitcoin was created to provide an alternative to the banking system, and no one could predict what would happen financially. Some people see the blockchain as more than a way to get rich. 😄 On the other hand I don't know what NFT is, I can only speak for blockchain in general. 😅

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@zkat And by the way, thank you for defending the artists. 🙏

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